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Manufacturing Optimum Quality Gaming Room Privacy Screens for A Long Time Now

Some recent studies suggest that the gaming revenue in Australia is likely to increase a lot only when players get a more private area to explore their gaming sides. You can provide your customers this experience by providing them with gaming room privacy screens. Whether you are looking for a luxurious look in your gaming room or just want to increase your revenues, these privacy screens will do that. Not only will you be able to enjoy privacy but will also experience proper ambience as well. We design and manufacture the best gaming room screens in Australia.

With the right technology for gaming room privacy screens:

Join us at Design Group, where we take every project quite seriously. That’s why, we can customise premium quality gaming room privacy screens on behalf of our clients.

  • We have just the right technology along with the experience needed for manufacturing some of the finest screens in Australia.
  • We even have the highest number of standard designs to choose from. Our team has the ability to program any design pattern, making options practically endless for our clients.
  • You will have many options to choose from for gaming room privacy dividers at Design Group.
  • If that wasn’t enough, our team is also able to overlay logos on the given screens or even in front of the poker machine base. It all depends on your needs.
  • We can also design, manufacture and install top-quality poker machine screens at your place. You will find premium quality poker room privacy dividers at Design Group.

Great benefits waiting for you with gaming room privacy screens:

The main goal to use such privacy screens is to create an amazing ambience. No one will bother you in your private gaming room as you enjoy all of your favourite gaming titles. Even if you lose, that’s not going to be an embarrassment as no one is able to see it except you.

We offer wide ranges of screens for your use. With our unique and vibrant design, you are likely to receive premium results from our side. So, no matter how complicated your screen design might seem, we have the right software and manufacturing team to make that happen. We will turn your basic dream of a privacy screen into reality.

The elements of gaming room privacy screens to look into:

If you are making plans to purchase such privacy screens for the very first time, then you are utterly confused with the right screens to choose. These screens can make a huge difference on ways the gaming rooms will perform or look. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right poker machine screens for your business. Furthermore, various studies have shown that more privacy can help increase your gaming revenue. There are primarily four elements to look for while selecting the privacy screens for your use. Those are:

  • Screen thickness
  • Patterns of the screen
  • The frame of the screen
  • Screen style

For a layman, it might be a difficult task to consider all these points for your screen. But, not for experts from our side. As we have been crafting such screens for a pretty long time, we know how much thickness or what pattern to implement, based on your needs and surrounding areas. So, without wasting any time further, make sure to join us now! We will deliver the finest gaming room screens to you!

Consider us anytime for gaming room privacy screens:

So, when you have finally decided to invest your hard-earned money on gaming room privacy screens for increasing revenue, we are there for you. Choose us over others for outstanding results in the end. We have our phone number and email always open for you.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

Design Group are an absolute pleasure to work with, providing a professional and prompt service all year round. Bill and the team are always on hand to assist with installations and are more than happy to work with the venue to ensure that all aspects and standards of the installations are met.

Ross Siragusano ACCM
Group Gaming Manager
Blacktown Workers Club Group
Design Group were engaged to do a whole of Club fit out at Taren Point Bowling & Recreation Club, this consisted of the supplying and installing of; wall-panelling, booth seating, gaming consoles, privacy screening and wall paper and cabinetry.
Bill and his team were punctual, well-presented and very economical whilst delivering a high standard of work throughout the process.
It was an added bonus going to the one company for the whole project and I would not hesitate to recommend Design Group to any of my colleagues for any future works.

David Moorcroft
General Manager
Taren Point Bowling & Recreation Club
Design group were a pleasure to work with.
Honest hard working professionals who were extremely flexible in install dates and times.
Quality was second to none.
All the dealings were done through Bill and he was there from first meeting until the last day of install.
A great little business I would recommend to anybody who wants it done right, on time and no fuss.

Ron Kent
Group Gaming Manager
Erindale Vikings
Design Group designed and manufactured our gaming machine bases to a unique specification and displayed high class workmanship in the manufacturer of bespoke privacy screens, contributing to a premium finish in our gaming lounge.
They demonstrated flexibility in delivery, storage and installation processes, and the job was accomplished in a limited timeframe following responsive communications.
I recommend Design Group for their professional approach and flexibility in meeting our design concepts.

Leanne Vogler
Orange Ex-Services’ Club
The Design Group recently provided bases and screens to our gaming installation.

They provided quality workmanship, attention to detail and were willing to adapt to changes where required during our project.

Their flexible approach and professionalism ensured the Club received the best solution, at a fair price. We found Bill and his team a pleasure to deal with.

Dave Vidler
Gaming Manager
Liverpool Catholic Club

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