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We, at Design Group, believe that every venue is different from the rest. So, consulting with you and then customizing the bases is always our prime motto. The main reason is to customize the bases to match up with your specific needs right here. It will present you with the best results as possible. So, next time, you have made plans for the slot machine bases, be sure to catch up with us for some outstanding results. 

Our team would love to design and then create a layout for your slot machine cabinets. This inch-perfect layout will help us to deliver the ideal slot machine to your place.

Manufacturing ability of slot machine bases:

Our well-known manufacturing abilities help us to create outstanding slot machine bases, along with the cabinets and slot machine stands in any possible configuration that you are looking for. Through us, you are likely to get the primary support that your casino floor needs. So, next time you have made plans to get hold of the best slot machine cabinets, you know whom to call for help.

  • You can select any of the premium quality wood, metal or hybrid wood and metallic construction, according to your preferences. All of them will have superior internal access, which will make the best use of your present flooring space.
  • Other than that, you have the liberty to get hold of the fully customized dimensions of the slot machines or cabinets, along with the noted features.
  • Furthermore, you have the option to choose from any of the traditional flat front or even the comfort foot resting styles in here. 
  • You will come across all forms of carousel configurations with purse guards or walls and even some top decks.
  • You will further get the opportunity to procure all kinds of durable powder coated and laminated finishes. Things will work out in the way it is possible.

Some other features associated with slot machine cabinets now:

Apart from all the mandatory notes considered, there are several other features related to slot machine cabinets. You get the chance to choose whichever ones match your choice the most. 

  • Through us, you will receive a universal game mount system. There will be a locking controller compartment, which is optional.
  • There are optional switch or router shelves available and some of the customized decorative end panels. It will help you to enjoy easy flooring reconfiguration.
  • Then you have thermal formed based end panels, with LED-backlit logo available, if you need it.
  • Moreover, we have solid wooden end panels with the perfect cast bronze-based logo and the trim work in store for you.

Choose the best slot machine bases of all time:

So, next time you are making plans to head towards the best slot machine bases, we welcome you to come and give us a try. We will ensure the premium quality slot machine cabinets for your needs, which are perfectly crafted to match your suitable arena. So, join us whenever you are ready to try something new, and we will present you with the most promising result.

Give us a call at our official number or just email us your queries. We will get back to you as soon as possible with your project layout. 

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